Aliança Estate   Aliança Estate officially dates from 1882, the construction year of the main building, although it is believed that it was founded long before in an indeterminate year. Aliança Estate, located in the town of São João da Boa Vista, in the Mogiana region of the state of São Paulo, had its trajectory marked by coffee. Historical records indicate that slaves originating from Angola, in Africa, were the ones who first planted and started producing coffee on the property, at the end of the 19th century. As time passed labor was gradually replaced by European immigrants, but the farm never stopped its dedication to coffee.

  In 1986, Aliança Estate was acquired by new owners and after 1997, went through a period of development, renovation and technological modernization. The area planted with coffee was expanded and currently occupies 170 hectares. The Estate was equipped with modern technologies for coffee production and processing and high investments were done to train the employees and to hire experienced professionals to manage the business.

Aliança Estate   Today every producing stage is carefully planned and controlled, from the selection of seeds and preparation of seedlings in private nurseries, followed by modern planting and crop techniques, until coffee harvesting and wet and dry processing in state-of-the-art machines.

  Aliança Estate puts together its vast experience in coffee − acquired over more than 100 years of tradition − with modern production and management practices to offer coffees of exceptional quality to the market. These coffees have a distinct terroir that results from the perfect natural conditions found in the region.

  Aliança Estate is an example of professionalism and excellence and can be considered a role model in regard to esteem for its collaborators, respect for the community and preservation of the area’s abundant natural resources.

  The Estate, with a total area of 1,400 hectares, currently dedicates itself to coffee production and also to breeding high quality cattle of the Braunvieh and Nelore breeds.


Sustainability   Aliança Estate is concerned with the quality of life and economic sustainability of its workers, as well as with the environmental and social sustainability of the community and its surroundings.

  The Estate has 40 permanent employees; tem families reside on the premises in comfortable houses. All workers receive salaries that are above the regional average and have individual safety equipment at their disposal like boots, protective goggles, shinpads, among others, in order to safely perform their daily activities.

  The Estate offers free transportation to the nearby schools for all workers and their children. Aliança Estate is proud for being able to offer free quality dental assistance to its employees and their relatives, in a totally equipped office located inside the property.

Aliança Estate has a central office with computers connected do the Internet and a modern and equipped room for training and capacity building courses for the employees.

Sustainability   The Estate also offers a soccer field and a fitness center (free of charge) for its employees to use during leisure time. The old church of the farm was totally restored and is open for visitors, both workers and clients.

  Aliança Estate preserves the local flora and fauna in an area composed of more than 170 hectares, besides protecting 53 additional hectares of lakes and streams. The farm has a total of 8 streams, 18 dams and 14 water springs properly protected.

  Wastewater from coffee processing is treated in settling tanks and reused after treatment. The coffee pulp, rich in nutrients, is taken back to the plantations. Aliança Estate develops environmental projects aimed at reforestation and preservation of the abundant natural resources found on the property. The Estate is proud to positively contribute to the local ecosystem.

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Rainforest   The Rainforest Alliance works to conserve biodiversity and improve livelihoods by delivering sustainability auditing, verification, validation, and certification services based on the best available global standards; with the highest integrity, transparency, and quality; that generate positive economic, ecological, and social benefits to its clients; and that can achieve globally meaningful scale. RA-Cert, the auditing division of the Rainforest Alliance, conducts all certification, verification and validation activities in the areas of forestry, agriculture and carbon/climate.

Aliança Estate

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